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Terms of use (User agreement)


The terms of use (as may be amended from time to time, the "Agreement") is a legal contract between the user/registrants/you (you or your or yourself or users) of the website (hereinafter called Mevero), you/users/registrants being, an individual customer, user, or beneficiary of this service of at least 18 years of age, and Wedoria Technologies Private Limited (herein after called Wedoria/Mevero) having its registered office and headquartered at 9, Elgin Road, Second Floor, Kolkata – 700020, West Bengal, India. All services are rendered by Wedoria under the brand name Mevero.

By accessing the site or using/browsing or otherwise or downloading any material either directly or indirectly through any medium whatsoever, it is deemed that you have accepted the terms set out in detail below in the agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms set out below, as amended/updated from time to time including any guidelines, privacy policy, platform policy (rules and regulation), feature related policy or any other policy by whatever name called that may be added in future. If at any time you do not agree to the terms set out or as amended or want you do not want to be bound by the terms, you may not use access or use the website and release yourself from the foundation.



This document is an electronic record in terms and meaning of Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules framed thereunder as applicable and amended from time to time. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. This document is published in accordance with the provision of Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that requires publishing of rules and regulation, privacy policy and user agreement for access or usage of mevero.com.


The Website mevero.com is a digital platform of life aimed at enabling people to pursue their life purpose(s) whereby they can learn, create, network, collaborate, create constructive communities based on common goals, undertake and showcase projects and finally monetize their skills/products by creating sustainable ventures in their preferred field of interest/passion.


mevero.com (“website”) is an Internet portal which is owned, operated and maintained by Wedoria Technologies Private Limited, a Company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 having its registered office at 9, Elgin Road, Second Floor, Kolkata – 700020, West Bengal, India.


4.1. The use of the website or its services is only limited to persons/individuals/ entities/organization or other legal bodies by whatever name called, who are competent to enter into a legal contract/agreement in accordance with the Indian Contract Act, 1872. The services of the “website” is not available to minors (below the age of 18), and other persons on whom the agreement cannot be legally binding under the Indian Contract Act, 1972.

4.2. Mevero reserves the right to restrict or prohibit any person/user that has been earlier suspended or prohibited by Mevero for any reason whatsoever.

4.3. You/users shall not have more than one account on the Website. You/users are strictly prohibited to transfer your account by any means to other person/entity of any nature for any consideration whatsoever.

4.4. You shall not feign or impersonate other person or organization or misrepresent other person or organization’s identity details of any nature or misrepresents or understate/overstate or give incorrect information on your age, identity of any nature.

4.5. A minor can use the services of the website only through the medium of legal guardian.

4.6. By using the Site, you affirm and confirm that you have a legal capacity to enter into this agreement and that you are not prohibited or prevented or restricted by any applicable law for the time being in force or any order or decree or injunction from any court or any competent authority to use the services of the website.

4.7. If at any point of time Mevero.com has reason/s to believe or is in the opinion(in its sole discretion) that you are not eligible to use this site in any fashion or that you have violated this agreement by any means, it reserves the right to terminate your services with no prior intimation or notice.


5.1. The Website requires you to resister by creating an account (“Account”) with Mevero.com for availing the services. You will be required to sing/log in using an email id/user id and a password or alternatively log in through Gmail ID, Facebook, Yahoo Id or other service ID (Collectively called “User Information”) as may be added from time to time. It shall be the responsibility of you/user to maintain the confidentiality of the display name/email id/user id/log in id, password, User Information and other account related information.

5.2. You shall be solely responsible for any and every activity that is/has been/being carried out from your account under your display name/user id/email ID/User Information/Log in ID and password.

5.3. You expressly agree that:

5.3.1. You will notify Mevero immediately about any unauthorized or suspicious access to your account.

5.3.2. You will log out/sign off/close your account after every session.

5.3.3. You will provide correct and accurate information while registering or creating an account account or account information or breach of security or of any other nature.

5.3.4. You will be held responsible and liable for any activity that may be harmful or derogatory the Website. Providing or feeding other user account’s information is unacceptable while registering or logging/signing in or defame Mevero or any of its stakeholder or users, arising out of unauthorized access to your account as a result of failure from your end to keep the user information and log in and password secure.

5.4. You will provide complete, accurate and correct information while registering with the website. Mevero reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate at its sole discretion where it has reasons to believe that accounts information and other provided by you at the time of registration is incorrect or false or misleading or deceiving or incomplete.

5.5. Mevero shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for losses and claims arising out of non-compliance from your end with Section 5 of this agreement.


6.1. Mevero gives you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, royalty free license and rights to use the service/s of the Website. The purpose of granting you the access to the website is to enjoy the benefit of the services as provided by Mevero as prescribed and subject to the agreement.

6.2. You agree to use the Website for the purpose and services expressly stated in the agreement and nothing except that and in accordance with any applicable act, law, regulation or any legislation in force for the time being.

6.3. You expressly agree that you shall not access or try to access the Website by any other means or technique or by means of any technology other than provided by Mevero.

6.4. You agree that you shall not use or deploy any deep-link, robot, spider or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Website or Content, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Website, materials or any Content, to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or information through any means not specifically made available through the Website.

6.5. You shall not, with the intent to cause or knowing that you are likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person destroy or delete or alter any information residing in the computer resource or diminish its value or utility or affects it injuriously by any means, including but not restricted to hacking.

6.6. You shall not collect or store data of other users which may be prohibited or restricted through unlawful means.

6.7. You shall not reverse engineer, modify, copy, transmit, perform, create or alter the website or any of its programs or codes.

6.8. You shall not download any file or content which is in general or otherwise not meant, restricted or prohibited to be neither downloaded by wrongful means nor legally distributed or transmitted.

6.9. You shall not knowingly or intentionally conceal, destroy or alter or intentionally orknowingly cause another to conceal, destroy or alter any computer source code used for the Website, computer programme, computer system or computer network, when the computer source code is required to be kept or maintained by law for the time being in force.

6.10. You shall not indulge with other user that may be interfering or disturbing in any nature or that might disrupt other user’s enjoyment and access to the Website.

6.11. You shall not introduce any sort of virus, computer code or program or any files by any means to the Website, which may or likely to cause harm to the system, Website or other users by restricting, limiting, prohibiting or interrupting the operations of the Website, Computer System, networks or users connected to the network, website.

6.12. You shall at all the times ensure full compliance of the Information Technology Act, 2000, along with its rules as amended from time and other applicable law and statutes as prevailing In India for the time being in force.


7.1. The Website works as an interactive platform where you are allowed to post or upload content on the website. You agree that you shall not host, display, upload, post, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information or file which:

7.1.1. is offensive within the meaning of any act or legislation that is in force for the time being;

7.1.2. is harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever; or unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing including but not limited to "indecent representation of women" within the meaning of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986;

7.1.3. reflects an intention of falsely associating or relating oneself with any other person or organization or Government bodies or authorities in order to or an intention to derive benefits by wrongful means;

7.1.4. Contains software or other content or material that has been already protected by the applicable Intellectual Laws except that you are the owner of Intellectual Rights or you have obtained necessary consent;

7.1.5. Contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other programs or codes or configuration that might damage the working of the Website in any manner or other’s Computer system;

7.1.6. Involves sending or transmitting , surveys, junk mail, chain letters or messages, unwanted mails or spamming;

7.1.7. Directly or indirectly promotes illegal activities or conduct including but not limiting to betting, gambling, prostitution, child labor, etc.;

7.1.8. Is false and misleading;

7.1.9. Disrupts or interferes with the interface or servers of Mevero or otherwise cause or likely to cause any type of harm to the website , information, resources, account data, server of the website or other server connected or linked with the network;

7.1.10. which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or if its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it;

7.1.11. Violates or infringes any other person’s or entity’s rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy rights, disclosure of personal details such as email –id, phone number, name, address and other information;

7.1.12. Provides educational or instructional information relating to illegal activities such as buying or selling or making of weapon or explosives, creation of computer viruses, betting, gambling and other acts that are expressively prohibited by the law;

7.1.13. Harms, insults or demeans females or minors in any fashion;

7.1.14. Violates any law or legislation for the time being in force;

7.1.15. In any manner may cause a loss or likely to cause a loss or damage or liability to the brand name Mevero or the Website.

7.1.16. May create a difference or dispute or threatens to disturb the harmony, unity, sovereignty, integrity, unity, security with the friendly countries;

7.1.17. Directs or targets or propagates or promotes in any manner possible, a particular religion, sect, cast, creed, color, sex, race, person, entity or any political parties;

7.1.18. provides passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users; and

7.2. You understand and agree that Mevero has the sole discretion to delete or remove any of your content or material which might be in violation of this agreement or rights of the user and may be harmful to Mevero or its other users.


8.1. Except as otherwise provided in the agreement, no part of the Website and no other content/material on the Website can be copied, imitated, transmitted, distributed, published, republished, updated, uploaded, posted, highlighted, encoded, decoded, displayed, monitored, publically displayed, used or translated to other sources such as other networks, servers, websites or other medium of publication or broadcast in media for any commercial purpose or otherwise or used by any means whatsoever, without the prior written consent of Mevero.

8.2. Except as otherwise provided in the agreement, Mevero grants you the access of the Website, non-transferable access to view or download the content on the Website subject to the following conditions;

8.2.1. You use of the material/content shall only for personal and internal use and not for any type of commercial benefits whatsoever;

8.2.2. You do not remove the proprietary notice languages or rights attached to the content;

8.2.3. You do not alter, modify, tamper the authenticity or originality of the content; and

8.2.4. You do not make any additional representation or warranties in regard to such content;

8.3. The rights granted you in Section 8.2 are not applicable on the look, design, pattern, layout and feel of the Website. The materials or elements are protected by Intellectual Property Laws and cannot not be copied, imitated or reproduced in any manner whatsoever.

8.4. The content or any material on the website becomes the property of Mevero. By posting or uploading or introducing any material to the website, you automatically grant, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid, transferable and global license and right to use the content or material for any type of use forever, including but not limited to promotional, branding or advertising purposes through any medium such as print media or otherwise or any type of media, including the creation of derivatives of works that may encompass the works/content that you post, upload or introduce to the Website. You expressly agree that content or material posted or introduced to Mevero may be used by used us in any manner, and you are not entitled to any payment or any type of compensation for such use.


9.1. The Website and the entire operational flow, workings including but not limited to Computer codes (including source code and object code), product software services, patterns, Computer programs, user interface, product, software services, graphic user interface, text, image, documents, sound on the Website, animation, visual interface, graphics, compilation, information, design, structure, look, feel and all other elements of the Services and the Website provided Mevero (collectively called the rights) is owned, managed and controlled by Mevero and all the rights are protected by Intellectual Property Law such as Copyright, Trademark & Patent and other relevant laws and statutes as may be applicable.

9.2. You agree not to remove or alter or manipulate Mevero’s or any third party Intellectual Rights or proprietary rights notice affixed or attached with or comprised with the Services or content in any manner possible.

9.3. Any trademarks, service marks, logo, artwork or any artistic work being in the nature of Intellectual Property Right (Collectively called Marks) are the property of Mevero or respective third party. You shall not use the marks in any manner whatsoever either commercial or otherwise without the prior consent of Mevero or the third party as the case any be.

9.4. The tradename Wedoria and Mevero is owned by Wedoria Technologies Private Limited, unless otherwise indicated or anything to the contrary is specifically said or mentioned in the agreement all the rights and titles in the Website, trade secrets, goodwill, technical knowhow and the trademark and tradename Wedoria and Mevero belongs to Wedoria Technologies Private Limited without and limitation whatsoever property.

9.5. The domain name Mevero.com is a property of Wedoria Technologies Private Limited and all rights, titles and interest arising out of the domain is the property of Mevero.

9.6. You understand and agree that Mevero uses marks, logos and other proprietary rights of third party for promotional and other public relation activities only and it has no intention of acquiring such rights in the contents.

9.7. Mevero respects and understand the worth of Intellectual Property Rights and expects the user to understand the same. We at Mevero try to adhere the strictest of compliance with relevant laws and regulation. If you come across or you have a reason to believe that something on the Website is infringing the Intellectual Property Right of your content, then you are advised to send an infringement communication to the details mentioned the Communication mentioned below along with the details and documents mentioned below;

9.7.1. A statement specifying that certain infringement has been made in regard to Intellectual

9.7.2. Identification or description of the Intellectual Property Right claimed that has been

9.7.3. Clear Identification or description along with title, if any, the exact web link or web address

9.7.4. You believe, understand and agree that the infringed content belongs to you and you rights

9.7.5. An explanation and a statement, as to how do you ascertain or believe that the content

9.7.6. Your communication details, such as E- mail id, telephone number, address amongst other,

9.7.7. A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that use of the material in the Website

9.7.8. A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your

9.7.9. Any person knowingly or out of an intention to harass misrepresents about any sort of Property Right; infringed; of the Intellectual Property Right claimed that has been infringed or subject to infringement on Mevero.com and subject to the discretion of Mevero that is to be removed or access, view or display has to be disabled along with the exact ID, tag, name, URL and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the infringed content. of that infringed Intellectual Property. You shall send us the documents (images, certificates), internet link or exact URL, which/where could establish that the infringed content belongs to you. available on the Website has infringed or is subject to infringement to Intellectual Property Laws. where we can reach up to you; subject to the complaint by you of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; communication is accurate and that you are the content owner or authorized to act on the content owner’s behalf. incorrect infringement, may be subject to illegal liability. (Note: - Mevero will be unable to process requests with inadequate details or statements which might not show an evidential infringement of Intellectual Right. Further Mevero will not be in a position to process any request where the subjected content is not traceable on the Website.)


The Website is only meant for individual and personal use, to facilitate services enumerated in Section 2 of this agreement and the users shall not make any efforts to use the Website for any commercial in any manner possible. The users shall not make any use of the Website which is illegal, unauthorized or anti-national in the eyes of the law.


11.1. The Website may contain third part contents in several forms including but not limited to, applications, texts, artworks, marks, news, entertainment, technology, features or other types of content or other data from external sources (Third party content). You may receive communications in any form that may contain similar third party content. It is hereby clarified that any such third party content is only for only general and informational purpose only and to make the Website, a better and smooth experience.

11.2. You acknowledge that the third party content provided to you is believed to be true and reliable. Mevero does not provide any guarantee in relation to any content by the third party and Mevero shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by you on your dependence or reliance on any such third party content in any manner whatsoever.



12.1. MEVERO MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE WEBSITE SITE, THE PLATFORM/NETWORK/SYSTEM AND SERVICES OFFERED. MEVERO EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF NONINFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Mevero provides the Website, the Platform/Network/System and any other technology and services on the Website on an "as is", "where is", "with all faults" basis. Mevero makes absolutely no warranty that (I) that the services obtained by the Website shall be at par or better than services that may be provided by other Websites; (II) The Website or the services shall meet you expectations or requirements; (III) Your use of the Website or access to the services shall be uninterrupted, timely, efficient, accurate, bug free, non-misleading, secure or error free or that any known defect or errors shall be corrected or operational at a particular time, and (IV) the service, content or the results obtained from the services or Website shall be accurate, efficient, reliable.

12.2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Mevero will not have no liability and responsibility for any inaccurate, obscene, incorrect, misleading, defaming content posted or listed on the Website whether caused by you or any other user/s or by any other equipment or programming associated or used in the services.

12.3. Mevero will not responsible or liable for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission or communication failure, theft, unauthorized access to the details of the members or content of the users.

12.4. Mevero does not take any responsibility and liability for any illegal content posted on the Website by any user or any third party.

12.5. Mevero shall not be liable and responsible for any technical malfunction, server slow down, equipment fail, software failure or any kind of technical glitches or for any damage to users or other person arising out of relating to the use of the services of Mevero.

12.6. Any liability of whatever nature, arising out of any Content that is Posted on the website will be of that user/s or third party who has Posted/listed or introduced such Content and Mevero reserves its right to claim damages from such user/s, third party that it may suffer as a result of such Content Posted on the Site.

12.7. No communication, advice or notice from your side shall create any warrant on Mevero which is not expressly warranted in this agreement.



13.1. You agree to indemnify, save, defend and hold Mevero, including but not limited to its affiliates, contractors, employees, officers, managers, Company Secretary, directors, agents, stake holders, third party suppliers, licensors, and partners harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, and liabilities, demands, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees, disbursements in connection therewith, interest chargeable thereon and expenses, arising out of or related to your use or misuse of the Services or of the Website, any violation by you of this Agreement, privacy policy or any other policy, by whatever name called, that may be added from time to time or non – performance or any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made by you herein. Further you agree to hold Mevero harmless against any claims and demands made by any third party arising out of arising out of or related to your use or misuse of the Services or of the Website, any violation by you of this Agreement, privacy policy or any other policy including any infringement of Intellectual Property Rights.

13.2. In no event shall Mevero and its affiliates, contractors, employees, officers, managers, Company Secretary, directors, agents, stake holders, third party suppliers, licensors, and partners shall be liable to you for any special, incidental, direct, indirect, consequential or any damages of any nature, including but not limited to the damages resulting from loss of data/use/profit, unauthorized access, whether ascertainable or not.


14.1. You understand and agree that Mevero, in its sole discretion, for any reason or for no reason, without any penalty and without any notice or intimation whatsoever, at any time, may discontinue your use of service, terminate or suspend or block your access to the Website or Services thereof. Further Mevero may suspend or terminate your account on the Website (in full or any part thereof) or remove and discard all or any part thereof of your account, your profile, information, content or any material at time in its sole discretion.

14.2. You understand that any violation by you of this agreement and other policies by whatever name called may constitute an unlawful, unfair & unethical business practice, and will cause harm and damage to Mevero for which monetary would be adequate in addition to other legal remedy, if any, and you consent that you will compensate and make the loss or damage, good by any legal remedy available.

14.3. Mevero can report any suspected, fraudulent, abusive, illegal activity to the appropriate enforcement directorate or Government agencies. These remedies are in addition to the remedies that are available in law.

14.4. You agree that, if Mevero takes any legal action against you as a result your violation of this agreement and other policies by whatever name called, Mevero shall be entitled to recover the from you all reasonable legal fees and expenses along with interest thereon. If any.

14.5. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this agreement will survive indefinitely unless and until Mevero or you chooses to terminate them.

14.6. You agree that you will not hold Mevero or any of its affiliates, employees or third parties for the termination or disruption by any means, resulting out of Section 14 of this agreement.


You hereby agree and consents, that he read and fully understands the Privacy Policy of Mevero in regard to the Website.


You are solely responsible for your activates on the Website and for the activities or interaction with other users on Mevero. Mevero reserves the right, but has no obligation to monitor or overlook disputes between you and other users. Mevero also reserves the right to take appropriate and relevant action against disputed users. It’s not the responsibility or obligation of Mevero to disclose the rationale behind the action taken or all together to disclose the action against the users. Mevero expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for any dispute between the users.


17.1. The terms of this agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with laws of India, without reference to principles of conflict of laws of principles.

17.2. You agree unconditionally that, any claims, differences and disputes arising out of the Website or the agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Kolkata, India.


Every dispute, difference, or question which may at any time arise between the parties hereto or any person claiming under them, touching or arising out of or in respect of this agreement or the subject matter thereof may be referred to arbitration to be conducted in Kolkata, India in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, the arbitrator to be agreed upon between the parties or failing agreement to be nominated by Mevero or, failing agreement to two arbitrators one to be appointed by each party to the difference (whether consisting of one or more than one person) and in case of difference of opinion between them to an umpire appointed by the said two arbitrators before entering on the reference and the decision of the arbitrator ( or such arbitrators, or umpire as the case may be) shall be final and binding on the parties.


Mevero reserves the right to change, update, modify, alter, add, amend, delete, or remove portions (collectively called change) of this agreement at its sole discretion at any time without any notification or communication whatsoever. You are requested to regularly visit the homepage of Mevero.com to ascertain any change and to view the latest and changed agreement. You can ascertain the date as to when the last change was made on the heading of the agreement itself. It shall be solely your responsibility to check the agreement periodically and the change made thereon from time to time. As required by law, Mevero in certain cases may seek your consent to accept the changed agreement. If no such consent is sought by Mevero, your continued use of the Mevero’s Services, following the changes to agreement, policies or guidelines, constitutes your acceptance of the amended agreement, policies or guidelines. If come across some terms in the agreement that is unacceptable to you and you cannot agree with such change/s, your sole and only remedy is to terminate your use of the services of Mevero. You further agree that Mevero may, at any time, modify or discontinue all or some part of the Website.


20.1. By using the Mevero platform you agree that you might be exposed to content that might be explicit, objectionable or otherwise. Mevero disclaims all liabilities arising out of such contents. You are advised to report such offensive content in the address mentioned below.

20.2. If you have an idea or thought on how to improve the website for a better experience, you can contact at the details mentioned below. However after doing so, you expressly hereby irrevocably assign to Mevero all the rights, title and interest thereon and all the intellectual rights associated with that idea and suggestion shall lie with Mevero. You understand and agree that after the suggestion, all the rights associated with such suggestion shall vest with Mevero and you agree to perform such acts and execute such documents as may be required deemed necessary to transfer the rights to Mevero.

20.3. You agree that you will provide your valid email-id, phone number, mobile number and address along with other details as may be required from time to time. You consent that you will be contacted by Mevero via e-mail, SMS, phone calls, notifications on the Website or through any other mode of communication as may be deemed fit by Mevero. We assure you that your details shall be used for bona fide purpose only.

20.4. You consent that you will receive notifications on your Mevero account, mobile number, and email. You further consent that you will receive promotional offers, newsletters or intimation regarding the services of the Website on your Mevero Account, Mobile number, your E-mail and through other communication medium as may be deemed fit by Mevero.

20.5. All the notices, disputes & communications may be sent at:

Wedoria Technologies Private Limited 9, Elgin Road, Second Floor, Kolkata – 700020 West Bengal, India

21.1. WAIVER -The failure of Mevero to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any waiver of any provision of this Agreement will be effective only if in writing and signed by Mevero.

21.2. ASSIGNMENT – You cannot assign or otherwise transfer the rights granted under this agreement to other party. However Mevero can freely transfer or assign the rights under this agreement to any third party without you consent.