Hello, Life 2.0

Have you been prevented from pursuing your passion? If your answer is 'yes', you're not alone. Every day, millions around the world face Discrimination, Suppression and Manipulation-both directly and covertly-and are unable to pursue their true calling. Over time, their numbers have swelled into a large and growing worldwide population who feel restive and frustrated-powerless to follow their passions.

"Sounds hopeless! Time to give up on my dreams," you're thinking, right?

Suspend that thought because we have incredible news.

It got a whole lot easier to transform your life!

Welcome to MeVero: The Platform for Change. A Digital Platform where you can pursue your passion in a bias-free and barrier-free environment and transform your life.

There will be several phases in your Journey of Change. It will be gruelling and you may be tempted to give up. But, worry not! We will partner you every step of the way.

In the First Phase, LEARN, we will help you to understand your inner potential-the power that can be unleashed upon the world when you follow your passion.

In the Second Phase, IDENTIFY, we will guide you in pin-pointing the passion you want to pursue.

In the Third Phase, PURSUE, we will equip you with tools, knowledge, relevant connections and a transparent performance measurement system so that you can effectively follow your passion.

In the Fourth Phase, EARN, you will gain access to a marketplace where you can buy and sell products and services related to your passion with MeVero members.

In the Fifth Phase, FUND, we will enable you with a community forum where you can invest in and raise funds for projects and enterprises associated with your passion.

Say 'Bye bye, existing life. Hello, Life 2.0.'

Phases in your Journey of Change:

IDENTIFYyour path
PURSUEyour path
EARNfrom your path
FUNDyour path